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The Ivy Bath Brasserie serves all-encompassing, contemporary British menus for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, open seven days a week and offering all-day dining.

The first-floor private dining room, The Baldwin Room, takes its name from architect Thomas Baldwin, and is beautiful, light and airy. Available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, events, celebrations and informal meetings, seven days a week, it seats up to 30 guests on one long table, or up to 40 on four round tables of ten, with a minimum booking of 16 guests.

The much-anticipated al fresco terrace, with its secret garden feel and views of St Michael’s spire, is also available to enjoy when the weather permits.

With a bar on each floor of the beautiful Georgian building, and interiors designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, The Ivy Bath Brasserie offers visitors and locals alike a variety of sophisticated and friendly all-day dining options across two floors.

Opening Times

Opening (1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024)
Monday - Saturday08:00-00:00

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  • Bar
  • Serve afternoon tea
  • Serve breakfast
  • Serve evening meal
  • Serve lunch

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  • In town/city centre

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The Ivy Bath Brasserie & Garden (2024)


Is there a dress code for the Ivy Bath? ›

FAQ. What is the Dress Code at The Ivy Bath? The dress code at The Ivy Bath Brasserie is smart casual, allowing you to express your style.

How much does it cost to eat at The Ivy? ›

Totally dependent on what you choose, you could spend as little as £50 to £60 pounds a head, equally you could easily double it if you chose the more expensive dishes. The Ivy is all about the experience, best to go there and not worry about the cost just for one day and have exactly whatever you want.

Why is The Ivy so famous? ›

The Ivy is a British restaurant founded in 1917 known for its popularity with celebrities. The original restaurant's location in the West End, opposite the Ambassadors and St Martin's theatres, made it a popular restaurant for theatregoers.

How much is the afternoon tea at the Ivy Bath? ›

Afternoon Tea is served every day from 3pm to 4.45pm and costs £29.95 per person, or £39.95 with a glass of Champagne.

Are jeans smart casual? ›

Jeans can definitely feature in any smart casual look, but you need to choose the cut and colour carefully. If you want to wear jeans in a smart casual setting, opt for a straighter, slimmer fit rather than anything too relaxed or baggy. Darker washes usually fit better in a more formal setting, too.

What do ladies wear at the Ivy? ›

Our dress code is smart casual.

What dish is The Ivy famous for? ›

The famous shepherd's pie is there, with its rich browned-meat flavours, along with old-fashioned seafood dishes such as plaice with earthy brown shrimps, doused in a buttery sauce. The Ivy made its name on this sort of comfort food: it's like what you might get at a top boarding school, only better.

What celebrities eat at The Ivy? ›

On The Ivy's patio, you will see the likes of many famous (and some infamous) people—Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert DeNiro have all dined there. Chances of a run-in with a Hollywood A-lister are also highly likely at Spago on N. Canon, Koi on La Cienega, and Mr. Chow on N.

Do you have to tip at The Ivy? ›

The vast majority of the money from the service charge is given to the restaurant staff, not the management,” a spokesman said. “At present, if a customer does not want to pay the service charge of 12.5%, they can opt to leave a cash tip, and this will be given directly to the waiter.

Is the Ivy a good restaurant? ›

The Ivy is rated 4.5 stars by 4481 OpenTable diners.

Who owns the Ivy Brasserie chain? ›

Caring, also known as the 'King of Mayfair', co-owns the Ivy group in a 50/50 partnership with former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin-Jassim Bin-Jaber Al Thani.

How many Ivy brasseries are there? ›

The Ivy brand has grown from one single Covent Garden site into a national chain since Caring began expanding it in 2014. He launched The Ivy Asia in 2018. The Ivy Collection currently operates some 41 restaurants under The Ivy brand as well as a further eight under The Ivy Asia name.

Who owns the Ivy in Bath? ›

The Ivy first opened its doors in 1917 as an Italian café and has become a popular venue for celebrities as well as arts and media professionals. It was acquired for £31.5m, along with Le Caprice restaurant and others owned by Caprice Holdings, by restaurant entrepreneur Richard Caring in 2005.

Does the ivy do desserts? ›

The Dessert:

Every time I've come to the Ivy Market Grill I get the same dessert and insist that whoever I'm with has it too. It's called the Chocolate Bombe. It's a great name isn't it?

Can you take children to the ivy? ›

We welcome children of all ages. Please do count them (including babies) into your final party size. If you would require a highchair or space for a pushchair, please specify this at the time of booking.

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