The Ivy Bath Brasserie & Garden in Bath - Restaurant menu and reviews (2024)

After enjoying Milsom Street, go to this restaurant that is not far away. The menu of British cuisine is to the pleasure of all clients here. At this place visitors can delve deep into delicious meals, and try good eggs benedict, shepherd's pie and parmesan. Come here for tasty fruitcake, chocolate bomb and apple tarts if you are hungry. It's time to degustate delicious rum, house wine or coffee martini. Great ice tea, espresso or hot chocolate are waiting for you at The Ivy Bath Brasserie.

Musicians play live music in the evening. Many guests find the staff attentive. Service at this place is something one can name cool. A number of people say that the dishes have adequate prices. There is a pretty atmosphere and homey decor at this spot. The overall rating of this restaurant on Google is 4.5.

The Ivy Bath Brasserie & Garden in Bath - Restaurant menu and reviews (2024)


Can I wear jeans to the Ivy Bath? ›

Real mixture- some really dressed in suits etc and some jeans and trainers - so the answer to your question is yes.

Is there a dress code for The Ivy restaurant? ›

Our dress code is smart casual. Tailored shorts and short sleeved shirts are permitted during fine weather. However, guests are asked to be respectful of the fact that many diners will be dressed for a celebration.

Why is The Ivy restaurant famous? ›

The restaurant was founded in 1917 as a small Italian café, and even its name has theatrical links: there is a long-held legend that French musical theatre actress Alice Delysia, a regular in the early days, told founder Abel Gandellini that they would “cling together like the ivy”.

What is experience at The Ivy? ›

Visit the original Ivy for a truly show-stopping dining experience, with a new selection of theatrical dishes that promise to dazzle and wow. Glass cloches reveal clouds of smoke swirling around mozzarella, whilst the perfect steak tartare is seasoned and served tableside.

How much is the afternoon tea at the Ivy Bath? ›

The Ivy Bath Brasserie & Garden is located in the heart of the historic city, close to Bath Spa, Bath Abbey and the ancient Roman Baths. Afternoon Tea is served every day from 3pm to 4.45pm and costs £29.95 per person, or £39.95 with a glass of Champagne.

What to wear for dinner at a nice restaurant for a woman? ›

Although a full-length gown may seem excessive for dinner, it's a great choice for restaurants with a formal dress code. If long dresses aren't your thing, you can also opt for a chic co*cktail dress. Try to choose high-quality fabrics, like silk, satin, or chiffon in colours that complement your skin tone.

Which Ivy restaurant do celebrities use? ›

The Ivy is famous for being the place in London for celebrities to go if they want to see and be seen. For this reason, it is an exciting place to head if you fancy a night of glamour, but you will need to book far in advance because tables get booked up quickly.

Do celebs still go to the Ivy? ›

Visiting from Switzerland, Lena Graf and husband Stefan clink glasses on the patio at the Ivy. “I had more fun people-watching here than anywhere in recent memory,” writes Lucas Kwan Peterson.

Who owns Ivy Brasserie? ›

Caring, also known as the 'King of Mayfair', co-owns the Ivy group in a 50/50 partnership with former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin-Jassim Bin-Jaber Al Thani.

How many ivy brasseries are there? ›

The Ivy Collection currently operates some 41 restaurants under The Ivy brand as well as a further eight under The Ivy Asia name.

What is the house champagne at The Ivy? ›

Champagne Palmer Brut Reserve - The Ivy's House Champagne

Palmer's secret ingredient is time.

Can you take pictures in The Ivy? ›

Photography was not allowed in this celebrity hideaway much to my dad's irritation. But things have changed at The Ivy, and not only has it had a gorgeous refurbishment, they welcomed a bevy of bloggers wielding DSLR cameras with open arms.

Does smart casual include jeans? ›

If possible, every smart casual professional should invest in a quality pair of non-ripped denim jeans with straight legs and a tailored fit. Dark wash jeans are best for smart casual clothing. Jeans provide a classic look that fits into numerous environments and can be dressed up as needed.

What is the smart casual dress code? ›

Smart casual is professional but a little relaxed - a polished take on more casual pieces of clothing as well as casual or fun items paired back with smarter pieces. Items are typically less structured and the formality downgraded from traditional corporate wear.

Can you wear flip flops in the Ivy? ›

Our dress code is smart-casual and quite relaxed. We just ask that the general look does not appear too sporty i.e. tracksuits/football shirts/baseball caps. Smart trainers are allowed. We do not allow flip flops to be worn.

What to wear when you can't wear jeans? ›

Culottes. I've found that the billowy, relaxed silhouette of a pair of culottes such as the pair above is one of the comfiest things you can wear. Wear them with a shirt or tee, tucked in or out, and pair with everything from sneakers to heels, slides or flats. So versatile and effortless too.

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