Private dining events at The Ivy Bath Brasserie - Bath BA1 (2024)

The Ivy Bath Brasserie provides relaxed and sophisticated all-day dining in the heart of Bath, just minutes away from essential sights including as Bath Abbey, Bath Spa and the ancient Roman Baths.

The restaurant serves modern British cuisine, café-style classics, and fantastic vegan and vegetarian dishes, providing a range of options to suit everyone’s tastes.

The main restaurant is a beautiful place to relax, with high ceilings and original features complemented by a striking bar and sumptuous Art-Deco details. In addition, there’s a terrace for al fresco dining in the warmer months, a first-floor co*cktail bar, and a private dining room for special celebrations.

Private dining room at The Ivy Bath

The Baldwin Room, located on the first floor, can accommodate up to 28 guests on one long table, 40 guests across four rounds, or 70 guests for a standing reception.

The room is adorned with sandstone fabric panels and locally referenced artwork inspired by Bath’s ancient spas, Roman history, and local botanicals. The dark oak polished parquet floor, Art Deco-style details, and beautiful antique brass lighting add a touch of glamour to the space, making it ideal for both seated dining and standing receptions.

For larger parties and extra special occasions, The Ivy Bath Brasserie offers exclusive hire of the entire first floor, incorporating The Baldwin Room, bar, and hidden al fresco roof terrace. The space can accommodate a maximum of 120 guests for a standing reception or 40 guests for a seated event, with complimentary menu cards and place cards provided for each event, and tables decorated with seasonal flowers and tea lights. The dedicated Events Manager is available to assist with any details to enhance your occasion, including music, floral arrangements, or table design.

Overall, The Ivy Bath Brasserie offers a unique and stylish setting for any occasion, with delicious food, friendly service, and a range of dining options to suit everyone’s needs.

Private dining events at The Ivy Bath Brasserie - Bath BA1 (2024)


How much does it cost to eat at the Ivy? ›

Totally dependent on what you choose, you could spend as little as £50 to £60 pounds a head, equally you could easily double it if you chose the more expensive dishes. The Ivy is all about the experience, best to go there and not worry about the cost just for one day and have exactly whatever you want.

Is there a dress code for the Ivy Bath? ›

FAQ. What is the Dress Code at The Ivy Bath? The dress code at The Ivy Bath Brasserie is smart casual, allowing you to express your style.

How much is the afternoon tea at the Ivy Bath? ›

The Ivy Bath Brasserie & Garden is located in the heart of the historic city, close to Bath Spa, Bath Abbey and the ancient Roman Baths. Afternoon Tea is served every day from 3pm to 4.45pm and costs £29.95 per person, or £39.95 with a glass of Champagne.

Who owns the Ivy in Bath? ›

The Ivy (UK)
The Ivy
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Restaurant information
Owner(s)Richard Caring
8 more rows

What celebrities eat at The Ivy? ›

Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond") likes to have dinner at the Ivy on Saturdays. Faye Dunnaway celebrated her 53rd birthday here. Peri Gilpin ('Roz' on "Fraiser") likes their corn chowder. Joan Rivers calls it "French food without the attitude," and says "you always see a star here."

Why is The Ivy restaurant famous? ›

The restaurant was founded in 1917 as a small Italian café, and even its name has theatrical links: there is a long-held legend that French musical theatre actress Alice Delysia, a regular in the early days, told founder Abel Gandellini that they would “cling together like the ivy”.

Can you wear shorts to the Ivy Brasserie? ›

Our dress code is smart casual. Tailored shorts and short sleeved shirts are permitted during fine weather. However, guests are asked to be respectful of the fact that many diners will be dressed for a celebration.

Are jeans smart casual? ›

Jeans can definitely feature in any smart casual look, but you need to choose the cut and colour carefully. If you want to wear jeans in a smart casual setting, opt for a straighter, slimmer fit rather than anything too relaxed or baggy. Darker washes usually fit better in a more formal setting, too.

Do you have to tip at the Ivy? ›

The vast majority of the money from the service charge is given to the restaurant staff, not the management,” a spokesman said. “At present, if a customer does not want to pay the service charge of 12.5%, they can opt to leave a cash tip, and this will be given directly to the waiter.

Does the ivy do desserts? ›

The Dessert:

Every time I've come to the Ivy Market Grill I get the same dessert and insist that whoever I'm with has it too. It's called the Chocolate Bombe. It's a great name isn't it?

Can you take children to the ivy? ›

We welcome children of all ages. Please do count them (including babies) into your final party size. If you would require a highchair or space for a pushchair, please specify this at the time of booking.

Is there a service charge at the Ivy? ›

The menu states that a 12.5% service charge will be added, which it was.

What is the dress code for the Ivy Bath? ›

There was a good number of customers, most of whom adhered to the dress code – smart casual, of course – and the atmosphere was quietly buzzy.

How many Ivy brasseries are there? ›

The Ivy brand has grown from one single Covent Garden site into a national chain since Caring began expanding it in 2014. He launched The Ivy Asia in 2018. The Ivy Collection currently operates some 41 restaurants under The Ivy brand as well as a further eight under The Ivy Asia name.

How much is The Ivy worth? ›

After spending £32 million on The Ivy two decades ago, Caring now thinks he can sell it for £1 billion.

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