Morganthe Drops (2024)

1. Wizard101 Morganthe Drop Guide: Accessories - Swordroll's Blog

  • Mar 12, 2019 · Morganthe is located inside the Shadow Palace in Khrysalis. You can get here quickly by using the Hive teleporter in the Silent Market, then ...

  • Wizard101 Morganthe Drops Guide | Check out accessory drops from Morganthe for max-level Wizard101 players in this guide that discusses items and their significance.

2. Khrysalis Rings, Amulets & Athames - Final Bastion

  • Apr 24, 2014 · Morganthe now drops a brand new version of the gear (with the same names, to make it nice and confusing). The gear is dropped at Level 100 and ...

  • Kingsisle introduced Khrysalis Part 2 school specific rings amulets, new drops for the final battles in KR part 2. Check them out here!

3. Morganthe Drops | Wizard101 Free Online Games

  • Morganthe Drops ; Haley MoonHeart. Rank: Defender. Joined: Jul 10, 2009. Posts: 186. Aug 04, 2014. Re: Morganthe Drops. @Robobot1747- I know the feeling. It took ...

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4. Morganthe Drops | Wizard101 Free Online Games

5. Morganthe Speed Farming Guide - Khrysalis - Final Bastion

  • Jan 6, 2018 · She drops your school damage athame and critical/block amulet, which ... Ice Morganthe might frost giant, Storm Morganthe might remove ...

  • Looking to get your Level100 athame and amulet from the Shadow Queen? Check out the startegy for Morganthe Speed Farming!

6. March 2019 - Swordroll's Blog | Wizard101 & Pirate101

  • Mar 30, 2019 · ... Morganthe drops some great gear for high-level Wizard101 players... ... Wizard101 Morganthe Drop Guide: Accessories · Krokopatra Exalted Drop ...

  • Wizard101 & Pirate101 blog with guides, posts, and more for bundles, packs, and all the newest content.

7. Morgan the Collector - NPC - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

  • Morgan the Collector is a level 8 - 59 NPC that can be found in Elwynn Forest ... Related. Drops (130). Drops (130). Pickpocketing (7). Pickpocketing (7).

  • Morgan the Collector is a level 8 - 59 NPC that can be found in Elwynn Forest. This NPC can be found in Elwynn Forest. In the NPCs category.

8. Morganthe drops & cheats guide - Wizard101 Folio

  • Apr 26, 2020 · Morganthe has multiple cheats she can use during battle. If a player places any prism on Death Morganthe will use a death type spell that does ...

  • Wizard101 Morganthe drops amulets and athames for each school. she also has many cheats. here is the full guide for drops and cheats of Morganthe...

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10. Samara Morgan (the ring girl) - ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ sʜᴏᴘ - Wattpad

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13. RICHARD LONG with Robert C. Morgan - The Brooklyn Rail

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Morganthe Drops (2024)


What does Morganthe drop in Wizard101? ›

Besides just being a great end-world boss and enemy for the second arc, Morganthe drops some great gear for high-level Wizard101 players. Let's take a look at the athames, amulets, and rings that she offers and why they're important.

How much health does Morganthe have? ›

Creature:Morganthe (Balance)
Morganthe (Balance)
Rank14 Boss
10 more rows
Sep 25, 2022

Where to find Morganthe in Wizard101? ›

Creature:Morganthe (Death)
Morganthe (Death)
MinionsMorganthe (Balance), Morganthe (Ice), Morganthe (Storm)
KhrysalisShadow Palace - Morganthe's Chamber
14 more rows
May 16, 2024

Who drops fossils in Wizard101? ›

Farming stone blocks really is the most effective way of gathering fossils, not just because of the transmute spell, but because fossils are a rare drop from stone block.

What is death weak to in Wizard101? ›

death is weak to life. fire is weak to ice. ice is weak to fire.

How old is Morganthe? ›

According to memories/lore in Khrysalis and dungeons like Ghost Avalon, as well as the existence of Celestia, she is well over a hundred years old. One might speculate that she looks younger because she uses shadow magic to shift her appearance.

How much health does Ralsei have? ›

Noelle1, 290
7 more rows

How much health does Oryx lose? ›

Oryx receives 5 points of damage whenever he smashes through a wall, and can down and even kill himself if he was already revived. Recovery from colliding into an enemy and soft walls (along with general charges) are a half second.

Why was Morganthe expelled? ›

She was never content with her teaching and always strived for greater power, leading her to conduct research into Astral Magic. This research culminated in an experiment that nearly destroyed Wizard City. As a result, her wand and deck was confiscated and she was expelled from Ravenwood.

What world is Darkmoor in wizard101? ›

Darkmoor is a world in the Spiral. It is known for its dark atmosphere, deep woods of skeletal trees, fetid lagoons and dark fens, and pitch-black lakes and rivers. It is home to the famed Castle Darkmoor, the family estate and home of the powerful Lord Shane von Shane.

What world is after Khrysalis? ›

The main storyline of the game consists of the following worlds: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis, Polaris, Mirage, Empyrea, Karamelle. There are some worlds and areas that do not advance the main storyline of the game, but are worth doing anyway.

Who drops azoth in Wizard101? ›

There are various ways to get azoth throughout the game. Key Bosses, Boss Rematches, Pet Talents, Raid Bosses, Questing and Guild Daily Rewards are all the current ways to secure azoth as confirmed by the Wizard101 Developers. All methods provide different efficiencies for farming.

What does Baba Yaga drop Wizard101? ›

Baba Yaga drops the best level 110 hats, athames, amulets and rings (and her level 105 deck drops are very close to the best too), in addition to some other level 105 gear. Below is a summary of the new gear and a list of Baba Yaga's drops by school.

What bosses drop spellements in Wizard101? ›

Elemental bosses (fire, ice, storm) drop elemental spellements and spirit bosses (life, death, myth) drop spirit spellements. Additionaly, both drop balance spellements. Balance bosses drop spellements for all schools.

What does Loremaster drop Wizard101? ›

Note: Most of Loremaster's Spell and Spellement drops have been removed as per the Summer 2022 Update Notes here: The Loremaster is a minor cheating Boss in Dragonspyre. While she used to drop multiple permanent Spells, she now only drops the Headless Horseman Spell during the Hallowe'en event.

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