Obituary for Mark E. Rimer at Hudson-Rimer Funeral Chapel (2024)

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Mark E. Rimer, age 67, of Edina, Missouri passed away December 12, 2023 at Boone County Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. The middle child of A.G. and Bebe Ann Rimer, he was born on October, 22, 1956 in Gibson Hospital in Edina, Missouri. He is survived by his mother, Bebe Ann Rimer of Edina; an older brother, Alan G. Rimer and his wife Staci of Edina, Missouri; and his younger sister Gigi Rimer Draper and her husband Darren of Edina, Missouri; three nephews, Chance Hudson Rimer of Edina, AJ Rimer and wife Chloe of Columbia and Dax D. Draper of Clayton, Missouri; one niece, Macy J. Draper and friend Cameron Wilson of Clayton, Missouri; one great niece Trysta Parton, one step niece Riley Strange; three aunts Mary Margret (Rimer) Goodwin of Kirksville, Mo and Ruth (Prebe) Brandt and husband Joe of Lake Ozark, Missouri and Norma Jean (Rice, Rimer) Monroe of Dallas, TX. One uncle Gary Guinan and wife Donna of Gallitan, TN and several amazing cousins and many, many friends. He was preceded in death by his father A.G. Rimer, his paternal grandparents Talmage and Virginia Rimer, his maternal grandparents Edward Prebe and Mary Jean Guinan two uncles, James Rimer and Ray Prebe, and one aunt Kathy Killday. Mark was a member of The Edina Christian Church and The Edina Masonic Lodge #291. Mark grew up in Edina, Missouri with his parents, brother and sister. Mark graduated Knox County R-1 High School in 1974. In his early years Mark played the drums in the Foster’s Market band and also played with Bill Hayes in his band. Mark's parents owned Hudson-Rimer Funeral Homes and most of Mark's young life centered around the funeral homes (Mark was a licensed funeral director), and their ambulance service. Serving the people during their times of need was paramount in the daily lives of the Rimer family. Daily work around the funeral homes was ‘par’. Among Mark's jobs was to scoop snow but during his effort you could usually find him building an elaborate igloo in the snow. In 1976 the family developed and opened Hudson-Rimer Park View Chapel and Park View Memorial Gardens in Kirksville, MO. In the beginning the cemetery was a bean field and Mark sold cemetery lots door to door of which he was a natural. You would also find the family spending days mowing the cemetery, cleaning grave markers, answering phones and general maintenance however most times you would go looking for Mark and find him across highway 6 playing golf at the Kirksville Country Club.

Mark developed the love of golf during high school years. You could find Mark for hours behind the house where he had a large tarp set up and he would hit golf balls over and over into the tarp. Mark also spent hours and hours at Edina Country Club and Kirksville Country Club doing what he loved best…playing golf. Mark attended college at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, MO but it wasn't long until the lure of golf pulled him away. Mark moved to California where he attend a golf Institute. Mark then obtained his PGA card which he held for the rest of his life. Mark returned home after attending the institute and began working at Quincy Country Club in Quincy, Illinois from there he went on to Lake Shore Country Club in Chicago, Illinois. Mark's fun, ornery and extremely happy personality quickly placed Mark in the heart of many. Mark became especially good friends with the Spiegel family (owner Spiegel Catalog). He visited the Spiegel’s many times in Aspen Colorado where Mark met Tom Bosley (Happy Days). Mark dated his daughter for a while. Mark then moved on to work at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver Colorado. After spending a few years there Mark was offered to operate the Mahogany Run Golf Course in St Thomas United States Virgin Islands. That may have been where the Rimer’s family love for the Caribbean began. Mark took well to Island life for a while. Mark was then offered to relocate to Glen Eagle Country Club in Boca Raton Florida. Mark was there a short time until Event Links picked him up as a tournament director for corporate outings. Mark so enjoyed traveling to different locations and coordinating everything for the best golf tournament a corporation could have. Mark then transitioned to Nashville; TN. Mark was instrumental in the formation of the Sara Lee Classic LPGA annual golf tournament. Through this he became great friends with Ray Danner owner of Shoney’s restaurants. Mark also became well known in the entertainment business world. He played golf frequently with Vince Gill, Barbra Mandrel and has a gold album of the Judd’s that they personally gave him. It was a blessing for Mark’s family members who came to visit to spend time on front rows of many concerts and back stage at the Grand Ole Opry. During this time Mark started his own company named Total Golf Productions. He would do tournaments for corporations, including many for Miller Beer. Mark spent his last years in Edina Missouri irritating and entertaining his family and local residents. Mark, other than golf so enjoyed playing cards and scratch off tickets. Mark has been a true joy for all that knew him. You never quite knew what he might do, but you knew that if at any time you needed some help, he would do his best to help you and see you smile again. Mark will leave a void in the daily lives of many. God bless you Mark in this next journey.

A Celebration of Life will be held Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 11:00 a.m., in the Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home in Edina, MO. Pastor Paul Harvey will officiate the services. Burial will be in Park View Memorial Gardens in Kirksville, MO. Visitation will be held Wednesday, December 20, 2023, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the funeral home.

Casket bearers will be Chance Rimer, AJ Rimer, Dax Draper, Alan Daniels, Michael Daniels, Noel Palmer, Gary Kaser and Cameron Wilson.

Memorials are suggested to the Kirksville Country Club for a memorial to be designated later for Childrens golf. Memorials may be left at or mailed to Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home, P.O. Box 1, Edina, MO 63537.

To plant Memorial Trees in memory of Mark E. Rimer, please click here to visit our Sympathy Store.

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Obituary for Mark E. Rimer at Hudson-Rimer Funeral Chapel (2024)
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