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  • There’s no fixed best time to buy a used car, but there are a couple of trends you should be aware of.

    New cars are released in March and September, with many buyers trading their current car in. This means there tends to be more choice of used cars around this time, and there can be reduced prices as sellers compete.

    Less in-demand models may have further price reduction in April and October, when sellers are keen to shift their unsold cars.

  • One of the biggest fears when buying a used car is that it won’t last long. Auto Trader perform a 5-point background check on every car listed on our site, so you can buy in confidence that it’s roadworthy and legal.

    You can also perform a full vehicle check to ensure the used car is correctly priced and as described. As for the car itself, you can check our expert reviews to see how it performs for reliability, security and other key factors.

  • Test-driving is a great way to make sure a car meets your needs, and that it’s in a good condition. You can arrange a test drive when you contact the seller on Auto Trader.

    Make sure to check inside and outside the car, and be aware of any strange noises, vibrations or warning lights when you’re driving. For more information, here’s our guide on what to look for in a test drive.

  • If you buy a used car from a dealer and discover a fault within the first 30 days, you can return it under the Consumer Rights Act.

    You’ll also have some protection under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, which states the car must match its description and be fit for purpose.

    If you buy a used car from a private seller, then legally the seller must be allowed to sell the car, and it must to match its description. If you can prove either are untrue, you can return the car.

    Due diligence is important, as you’ll need to prove any faults or inaccurate descriptions were in place when you bought the car and not caused by you.

  • As a general rule, 12,000-15,000 miles per year is considered average.

    Higher mileage generally means more wear and tear, and you may need to replace brake pads or batteries after a certain number of miles. When looking at a used car, check the servicing history to see how the car has been maintained. A used car listed with a full-service history (FSH) may cost more but will give you greater peace of mind.

  • Using a car valuation tool is a great way to get a guide price on a used vehicle. Our car valuation tool combines data from several sources, including live ads and dealer websites, to find an accurate value for a car so you can enter price negotiations knowing how much a used car is worth.
  • There are several factors that can determine how much insurance you’ll pay, including the condition of the car, your personal driving history and the level of coverage you choose.

    Used cars tend to be cheaper to insure as they’re seen as less valuable than new cars, but this isn’t always the case so it’s worth getting a car insurance quote.

  • You can browse used and nearly new cars available for home delivery on Auto Trader. Simply enter your postcode and add ‘home delivery’ to your search, and we’ll help find the car that’s perfect for you. With more choice than anywhere else and a 40-year history of helping people find their match, buying a car online is easy on Auto Trader. Learn more about buying a car online.

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