Buslinie 67 , Frankfurt am Main (2024)

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Haltestellen entlang der Buslinie, Abfahrt und Ankunft für jede Haltstelle der Buslinie 67 in Frankfurt am Main Streckenverlauf Bahnhof Südseite, Rüsselsheim Moselstraße, Rüsselsheim Memelstraße, Rüsselsheim Adam-Opel-Straße, Rüsselsheim Seniorenresidenz am Ostpark, Rüsselsheim Am Borngraben, Rüsselsheim Haßloch, Rüsselsheim Mörfelden Mönchbruch, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Rüsselsheimer Straße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Gärtnerweg, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Gerauer Straße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Rathausplatz, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Bahnhof, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden Zillering, Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden An den Nußbäumen, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Alpenring, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Mörfelder Straße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Pfarrer-Papon-Straße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Bahnhof, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Taunusstraße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Egerländer Straße, Mörfelden-Walldorf Walldorf Wohnpark Ost, Mörfelden-Walldorf Elly-Beinhorn-Straße, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Gebäude 681, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 664, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 587, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 556, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 555, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Tor 31 intern, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 534, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 536, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 543, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 536, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 534, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 532, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 527, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Geb. 520, Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Tor 31, Frankfurt am Main FAQ Buslinie 67 FAQs

Haltestellen entlang der Buslinie, Abfahrt und Ankunft für jede Haltstelle der Buslinie 67 in Frankfurt am Main

Fahrplan der Buslinie 67 in Frankfurt am Main abrufen

Rufen Sie Ihren Busfahrplan der Bus-Linie Buslinie 67 für die Stadt Frankfurt am Main in Hessen direkt ab. Wir zeigen Ihnen den gesamten Streckenverlauf, die Fahrtzeit und mögliche Anschlussmöglichkeiten an den jeweiligen Haltestellen. Abfahrtsdaten mit Verspätungen können aus rechtlichen Gründen leider nicht angezeigt werden.


FAQ Buslinie 67

Fährt die Buslinie jeden Tag?

Die Buslinie fährt an jedem Wochentag.

Komme ich mit der Buslinie in andere Städte?

Die Buslinie 67 fährt sowohl in Frankfurt am Main als auch in den folgenden Städten: Rüsselsheim und Mörfelden-Walldorf

Informationen über diese Buslinie

Die Buslinie 67 startet an der Haltstelle Bahnhof Südseite, Rüsselsheim und fährt mit insgesamt 38 Zwischenstops bzw. Haltestellen zur Haltestelle Flughafen Tor 31 in Frankfurt am Main. Dabei legt Sie eine Entfernung von ca. 25 km zurück und benötigt für die gesamte Strecke ca. 64 Minuten. Die letzte Fahrt endet um 23:36 an der Haltestelle Flughafen Tor 31.

Buslinie 67 , Frankfurt am Main (2024)


Is 2 hours enough for transit in Frankfurt airport? ›

Airport guidelines also suggest a minimum of 45 minutes for international connections, but given the size of the airport, allowing 60-90 minutes would provide a more comfortable buffer.

Is 2 hours enough for international layover? ›

Two to three hours is the minimum recommended time for an international layover, but more might be needed.

Is a 90 minute layover long enough? ›

What is a good connection time? Travel advisers say there's a lot to take into account when booking connecting flights, but a general rule of thumb is 60-90 minutes between domestic flights and at least two to three hours for international itineraries.

Do I have to go through security again for connecting flight Frankfurt? ›

In most cases, you must clear security checks on your way through the airport. Please allow enough time for them.

What is the minimum transfer time at Frankfurt Airport? ›

Minimum Connection Time in Frankfurt Airport

The MCT is also a determining factor when a passenger needs to claim compensation for a missed connection. You can see the minimum time required for connections in Frankfurt Airport below. Between domestic flights: 45 min. Between domestic and international flights: 45 min.

What happens if I miss my flight due to a short layover? ›

In most cases, US airlines will put you on the next available flight for free. (Even some ultra-low-cost carriers, like Spirit and Allegiant, will rebook you on the next flight for free if the missed connection is due to a flight delay.)

Do you go through security again for a connecting international flight? ›

When you're connecting from an international flight to a domestic one, you'll always have to exit and reenter security as you'll need to go through customs and immigration (unless you have gone through preclearance aboard, which is rare).

How long will a flight wait for connecting passengers? ›

Besides this, when you purchase a connecting flight ticket with your preferred airlines, then in such conditions, a general thumb rule says that; for domestic flights, the time is around 60-90 minutes, and suppose you have an international connecting flight ticket, then it will take approximately 2-3 hours, and it ...

What is the shortest acceptable layover? ›

In most cases, a 30-minute layover for domestic flights and an hour for international flights is considered a minimum, or short, layover. It's common to worry that your layover is too short. And, unfortunately, there isn't an easy way of knowing if your layover will be long enough to make your connection.

Do I have to go through immigration for a connecting flight in Europe? ›

You might have to go through customs during a layover, especially if your layover is in the Schengen Area (which consists of most countries in the EU). For example, if your final destination is Paris, France, but you have a layover in Madrid, Spain, you will actually go through customs in Spain, not France.

Is Lufthansa airlines good? ›

Lufthansa is a German carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 7.3/10.

Do I need visa for 2 hour layover in Frankfurt? ›

The vast majority of foreign travelers benefit from the “transit privilege” - if during a stopover at a German airport, you do not leave the International Airport Area and if the destination is not in a Schengen country, you do not need a transit visa.

How long does it take to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 in Frankfurt? ›

You can take shuttle buses between Terminals 1 and 2. They are free of charge and run every 10 minutes - daily and around the clock. It takes about 10 minutes to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Alternatively, you can use the SkyLine train to transfer between the terminals.

What is the minimum connection time for Lufthansa? ›

The minimum transfer time for German domestic and international flights is only between 35 and 60 minutes, depending on the connection.

Do I need a transit visa for a 2 hour layover? ›

Is a transit visa required for connecting flights? In many cases, an airport transit visa may not be required for connecting flights as long as you stay within the airport's transit area and do not pass through immigration control. However, this can vary depending on the country and the duration of your layover.

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