Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (2024)

Where to Stay in Derry – A Guide to the Maiden City

Derry, officially called Londonderry is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland. It is located in the west of the country, on both banks of the River Foyle and very close to the border with County Donegal (Republic of Ireland). It is known for its intact city walls. In fact, Derry is considered one of the best examples of a walled city in Europe. In this post, we will discover the best areas to stay in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

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Where to Stay in Derry – A Guide to the Maiden City

The Best Areas to Stay in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

2. Around Enagh Lough

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The main tourist attractions in Derry are its walls and old gates such as the Shipquay Gate, Bishop Gate, or Ferryquay Gate. Other things to see in town include the Peace Bridge and the Guildhall.

Those interested in the Irish Conflict (known as The Troubles) should definitely visit the Free Derry Museum and the Bloody Sunday Memorial.

And for urban art buffs, the murals in the area known as The People’s Gallery of the Bogside Derry are a definite must-see. Additionally, Derry Crafts Village offers paintings, pottery, and glass pieces from local artists, as well as several alternative places to eat and drink.

The City of Derry Airport (locally known as Eglinton Airport) is located 11 km northeast of the city. It is a small regional airport with a handful of flights to UK cities. The city is also connected to Belfast via train. Londonderry Station is located on the east bank of the Foyle, a 10-minute walk to the Historic District.

Derry, particularly its Historic Center, is a very compact city, very easy to navigate on foot. In order to move to other districts, you can use one of the 13 bus routes connecting the city and the suburban areas.

When it comes to the best areas to stay in Derry, the Walled City is home to most attractions, restaurants, and nightlife in town. See accommodation in Derry City Centre.

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The Best Areas to Stay in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

1. Recommended Area: City Centre & Walled City

Derry’s walls were built between 1613 and 1619 with the intention of protecting the Scottish and English planters. They are located at the centre of the historic city of Derry and within them, you can find several of Derry’s most important landmarks including the Apprentice Boy’s Hall, Tower Museum, and St. Columb’s Cathedral.

The Derry Craft Village, a reconstruction of an eighteenth-century Street and nineteenth-century Square filled with artisan craft shops, balconied apartments, local restaurants, and coffee shops is also located in the heart of the city, on Shipquay Street.

Just outside of the city walls, on their western side, lies the Bogside, a traditionally Catholic-majority area home to many murals and Republican sights including the Free Derry Corner and the Bloody Sunday Memorial. This is also where the Gasyard Féile (a music and arts festival) takes place every year.

If shopping is your thing, Foyleside Shopping Center, located on Orchard Street is home to over 50 stores, from department stores Debenhams, Dunnes, and M&S to several multinational retailers like H&M or Topshop. It also has restaurants, cafes, and valet parking.

The City Centre is the best area to stay in Derry thanks to its great location, public transport connections, a wealth of attractions, nightlife, and shopping options.

This is also the area where most hotels, B&Bs and tourist apartments are located, so there’ll always be something for every taste and budget.

Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (2)
Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (3)

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Derry/Londonderry:

  • City walls and gates
  • The Bogside murals
  • Shopping and nightlife
  • Craft Village

2. Around Enagh Lough

Enagh Lough is the name given to a pair of lakes (each individually called Eastlake and Westlake), located between Judges Road and Temple Road in the Maydown area of Derry.

Enagh Lough and its surroundings are an area of incredible natural beauty. The park that surrounds the lakes is home to red squirrels and Pipistrelle bats, both of which are fast becoming scarce in Northern Ireland.

At the centre of Eastlake lies Green Island, also known as Templetown Island or Enagh Crannog, which is accessible by wading.

The surroundings of Enagh Lough are a great area to stay in Derry if you’re looking for some tranquility and to be surrounded by nature.

The area around Enagh Lough has a very suburban feel to it, with large houses, manors, and estates giving a sense of refinement to the neighbourhood.

This is a great area to stay in Derry if you have a car with you, as transportation here is not as comprehensive as in the central districts.

The accommodation in this area consists mainly of guest houses and bed and breakfasts, some of which are a true oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (7)
Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (8)

Why is this a recommended area to stay:

  • Nature, lakes and greenland
  • Peaceful area

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Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (10)

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Best Areas to Stay in Derry, Northern Ireland 2024 - Best Districts (2024)


Is it worth staying in Derry? ›

This town we love so well is home to luxurious hotels and boasts some of the best food and drink experiences. Not to mention the world's biggest Hallowe'en carnival. Step beyond the 400 year old city walls and County Londonderry is home to some of Northern Ireland's other giants including a Nobel Laureate.

How many days do you need in Derry? ›

Ideally, you would love a couple of days to really explore the city and get to know it in your own time. However, if you only have 1 day to do so don't be alarmed! We have put together a packed itinerary ensuring you get to experience as much as possible during your 24-hours in Derry.

Should I call it Derry or Londonderry? ›

The name Derry is preferred by nationalists and it is broadly used throughout Northern Ireland's Catholic community, as well as that of the Republic of Ireland, whereas many unionists prefer Londonderry; however, in everyday conversation Derry is used by most Protestant residents of the city.

What is the main town of Derry? ›

The old walled city of Londonderry lies on the west bank of the River Foyle with the location of old Derry on the east bank, the present city now covers both banks (Cityside to the west and Waterside to the east) and the river is spanned by two bridges.

Is it safe for an English person to visit Derry? ›

Is it safe to visit Northern Ireland? Yes. Northern Ireland has the second lowest crime rate in Europe. Even during the years of civil unrest tourists were rarely directly affected.

Is Derry a walkable city? ›

Derry is a compact walkable city with cathedrals, churches iconic murals, architecture and heritage. Ireland's most historic city is also the hub from which to explore the wider North West.

What is the crime rate in Derry city? ›

Crime rates in Derry, Ireland
Level of crime46.43Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs57.14Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft48.21Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery46.43Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery21.43Low
8 more rows

Is Derry cheaper than Belfast? ›

Derry~Londonderry has a lively, vibrant culture of local pubs, taverns and eateries. Going out for dinner is pleasantly affordable, with an inexpensive meal costing about £13 per person, and a three-course meal for two costing an average of £56. This is about 30% less than in neighbouring Belfast.

What is Derry famous for? ›

Derry has become known worldwide on account of the Troubles. Less well-known is its reputation voted by the Civic Trust in London as one of the ten best cities of its kind to live in, in the United Kingdom.

How do you say hello in Derry? ›

30 words and phrases only Derry '˜wans' will know
  1. Alright hi! - Hello, a greeting.
  2. Aye - Yes.
  3. Bake - Face or mouth.
  4. Bat in the mouth - a punch to the face.
  5. Bars - Gossip, e.g. 'What's the bars? ' or 'Any bars? '.
  6. Bout ye? - How are things going?
  7. Brown ding - brown sauce.
  8. Broke to the bone - Highly Embarrassed.
May 17, 2017

Is Derry Catholic or Protestant? ›

Although Derry was originally an almost exclusively Protestant city, it has become increasingly Catholic over recent centuries.

What do Catholics call Derry? ›

But, for sentimental and economic reasons, the Protestant North kept all of this predominantly Catholic Nationalist city. Subsequently, the two sides have fought over its status. Even its name has been a source of dispute. It's "Derry" to the Catholics and "Londonderry" to the Protestants.

What is a Derry slang? ›

(ˈdɛrɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -ries. slang. a derelict house, esp one used by tramps, drug addicts, etc.

What does Derry mean in Irish? ›

The name Derry comes from the Irish word doire, meaning “oak grove.” “London” was appended as a prefix to the name in 1613 when King James I granted the city a royal charter.

Which parts of Derry are Catholic? ›

In 1921, following the Anglo-Irish Treaty and the partition of Ireland, Derry-Londonderry became a border city. It is a city in the northwest part of the province of Northern Ireland, covering the west bank (Cityside; majority Catholic) and east bank (Waterside; majority Protestant) of the River Foyle.

Is it worth going to Derry, Ireland? ›

Derry is the perfect base to explore Northern Ireland

One thing is for sure, you will not run out of places to go in Northern Ireland from Derry. Derry is also the ideal point to start a Northern Ireland road trip that includes the spectacular Causeway Coastal Route, and other Game of Thrones filming locations.

Is it safe to stay in Londonderry? ›

The overall crime rate in Londonderry in 2023 was 36 crimes per 1,000 people, and the most common crimes were violence and sexual offences, which happened to roughly every 18 out of 1,000 daytime population.

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